There are fantastic hiking trails of varying difficulty in and around Borgafjäll, several of them family-friendly. You can bring along a takeaway lunch from the hotel for 60 SEK and a coffee or tea thermos (0,5L) for 30 SEK.

A map of the Saxnäs-Borgafjäll-Gäddede area is available for 85 SEK in the hotel shop, as is a book by Susanne Lindqvist, detailing the hiking trails in and around Borgafjäll for 120 SEK.

Scroll down to read more about some of the hiking trails in Borgafjäll

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Go hiking with or without a guide in Borgafjäll

There are plenty of hiking trails around Borgafjäll. A guide is available, but you can also go out on your own with assitance of compass, map and “Upplev Borgafjällen”, Susanna Lindqvists trail guide.

In addition to the trails listed below, Borgafjäll and its surroundings offer plenty more hiking adventures in a variety of terrains and with a varying degree of difficulty. You can make your own 1-day or multi-day travel excursions in accordance to experience and preference.

During your hikes you will experience the diversity of the area’s mountain plants, many of them featured in this guide: Fjällväxter.pdf.


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Björnfallet is a 10 metre deep and 50 metre long canyon, which you can reach through the circular hiking trail along the river Korpån.


LAPPVALLEN, 5 km, difference in altitude 80 m

This trail takes you past ancient Sami pasturelands and springtime dwellings, which the remains of four Sami huts bear witness of.


LILLFJÄLLET, 5-10 km, difference in altitude 280 m

Lillfjället, where the ski resort is located, is spotted from the hotel. The mountain can be climbed from both the east and west sides. A few parts of the climb are in steep forest and mountain terrain. Once at the top, you have a great view of the lake Borgasjön and the mountain Borgahällan to the south and Raukaselet to the west.



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BORGA ROUNDTRIP, 5-10 km, difference in altitude 300 m

When starting from the hotel, climb Lillfjället, head past the ski lifts towards Storviken. Then turn by the signposts, towards Borgasjön and along the lake’s bank or the forest trail towards the dam. Then you take the road to the village, where you’ll arrive back at the hotel. Walking along the shores of Borgasjön is a lovely experience!



STORVIKEN/VÅARMOEVAARTOE, 13-16 km, difference in altitude 310 m

Climb the mountain from the west towards Storviken. When you reach the bare-mountain area, you walk for about 5 km along old cairns over Våårmoevaartoe in the direction of Lillfjället. You will be treated to breathtaking views over Borgahällan and Borgasjön on one side and Klöverfjället and Korpån on the other side.


KLÖVERFJÄLLET, 12-22 km, difference in altitude 660 m

Klöverfjället, Tjáellie in the Sami language, rises 1303 metres above sea level. The hut Klöverfjällsstugan is located about 900 metres above sea level. You can reach the top by taking the so called vinterleden (winter trail). You can choose to climb the top, circle it or turn at Klöverfjällsstugan and take the ‘summer trail’ back down the mountain. This hike is a wonderful experience in the realm of the reindeer, and if you choose to climb the peak, you’ll have a strikingly beautiful panorama view of the surrounding wilderness.


IMG_1281  IMG_1225  Klöverfjälsstugan

IMG_1229  Uppe på toppen  IMG_1277



BORGAHÄLLAN, 8-12 km, difference in altitude 680 m

Borgahällan is characterised by its massive 700-metre mountain face and is the most distinctive mountain in the area. The trail begins by a forest trail next to the dam and the climb uphill goes along a steep trail through the ravine located on the right hand side of the mountain face. Eventually you reach the plateau, which is a perfect resting spot before continuing towards the peak and the fantastic view up there.


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KROUNAKKE, 17 km roundtrip, difference in altitude 940 m

Krounakke rises 1427 metres above sea level. The is no marked trail up to the top, so we recommend that you have previous experience of mountain-hiking and know how to read a map and compass. But when you’ve reached the tree line above Storviken, you have a good view over the mountain and the route to the top. ‘Krounakke’ means ‘The Green Mountain’ in Sami. On the southeastern side of the mountain is a lake with snow that remains even during the summer.



RAUKASJÖ, 24 km roundtrip, difference in altitude 30 m

After Storjola, by the lake Sannaren, the public highway ends, and a forest road begins. The road is billowy and goes along Borgasjön to Raukasjö, where you during the high season can buy waffles and other snacks in an old cottage. If you plan on making a stop there, it might be sensible to check their opening hours by calling +46 70 649 07 35. This hiking trail differs from the others as there is no steep rises in the terrain, which might be nice for a change.



SLIPSIKEN/SLIPTJEHKE – RAUKASJÖ, 37 km, difference in altitude 340 m

Slipsiken rises 837 metres above sea level. Start the hike from Sutme. By the lake Sliptjehke is a hut where you can stay the night. There are also plenty of tarns to camp by. Here you will experience the true wilderness. For the journey back, you can head towards Raukasjö, and from there follow the forest road to Storjola.



DAIMADALEN, 37 km, difference in altitude 370 m

You either begin the hike through Daimadalen by Borgadammen or Storjola. The distance is about 15 km, and it will be easier for you if you have a ride to and from the starting and end points. If you start in Storjola, by the reindeer shelters, take the bridge that goes over the river between Sannaren and Borgasjön. The trail is well-marked. It slowly rises towards the high-mountain area and on through Daimadalens nature reserve. This hike takes more than one day.




KALVTJÄRNANS NATURE RESERVE, located 20 km from the hotel, 6 km roundtrip

Kalvberget has a 100-metre steep facing the northeast. The mountain is made of a type of limestone called dolomite, the only one of its kind in Västerbotten county. The large lime levels in the area allows are diverse flora, i.e. ten different species of orchids. The trail is well-marked with orange and red markings on the trees. After about 2,5 km, the forest opens up and moorlands dominate the steep slope of Kalvberget. After a short walk, you’ll reach the tarn.


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