Why Borgafjäll?

Borgafjäll Hotel, Adventure & Spa

Borgafjäll Hotel, Adventure & Spa offers a warm and friendly atmosphere. We want our guests to feel right at home! You may feel free to refurnish the lounge area ‘Hyllan’ so it suits you and your friends, and feel free to light the fireplace or add more wood if the staff doesn’t have the time to do it themselves! Even if we value simplicity, we don’t compromise when it comes to cleanliness and quality.

The hotel is designed by the famous architect Ralph Erskine. The Swedish Institute has named it one of 24 landmarks of Swedish architecture. The hotel was Erkine’s second work in Sweden, the first being the chapel in Avasjö, located 300 metres from the hotel. If you want to know more about Ralph Erskine and his work, an essay by Kicky Djärv is available for purchase in the hotel gift shop.

The hotel has been called a standout hotel for mountain resorts. Not many hotels have 3-level duplex rooms in addition to modern apartments with saunas. You can chose self-catering or hotel standard when staying with us!

The demand for unique, personal and genuine mountain resorts is increasing, and we are very happy to be able to provide our guests with such an experience!

Welcome! Read more about the village of Borgafjäll and its surroundings below.



Where the road ends, adventure begins! 

Borgafjäll is located in the South Lapland mountain area and is surrounded by untouched nature, mountain vistas and Sami cultural area. The highest peak is ‘Jen-Jen’, 1477 metres above sea level (50 metres higher than Åreskutan), and there are lots of other peaks to conquer. The road ends in Borgafjäll, so visitors are never troubled by heavy traffic passing through the village. Here you get to experience the genuine wilderness. And during the summer and autumn months, you will most likely encounter reindeer – the true rulers of the area – on your adventures in Borgafjäll.

I Borgafjäll har du nära till allt; vandringslederna, kantarellerna, fisket, backarna, skidspåren och skoterlederna, ja det bästa naturen har att erbjuda. Många väljer exempelvis att åka skidor några dagar och kombinera det med skoteråkning någon dag. I dagens stressade samhälle är det faktiskt heller inte helt fel att bara ta det lugnt en dag! Att koppla av i vår trevliga hotellatmosfär och i vårt lilla, men trivsamma SPA är också det ett bra alternativ!

Familjepaketet Borgafjäll




A small but vibrant community

Borgafjäll is very different from larger ski resorts. The local shop ICA Nära, 250 metres from the hotel, is open all year round. Since the entire staff is made up of locals, they are also the best providers of tourist information. Borga Snowcamp is also open all year round, which enables visitors to eat lunch and dinner every day in Borgafjäll. During the high seasons there are also other pubs and diners, run by locals, open.

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Borgafjäll slopes

Borgafjäll has 13 well-prepared pistes. 289 metre drop, 770 metres when cat skiing. The longest downhill slope is 1495 metres. There are no long queues to the ski lifts and the ski passes are available for favourable prices. The forest skiing is known as one of the best in Sweden. Borgafjäll is one of the most snow-sure locations in Sweden, and just one of two places where you can go cat skiing in Sweden.



Borgafjäll is the “Mekka for snowmobile enthusiasts”! There are over 1000 km of tracks around Borgafjäll and over 20 000 acres of free-range area. The village has rental services for snowmobiles and the tracks begin right outside the hotel. The hotel also has a garage where you can repair your snowmobile if need be. The season lasts until late April/early May. Snowmobile guides are available to hire.

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