The Architect Ralph Erskine

Ralph Erskine

The hotel’s architect Ralph Erskine was born 24 februari 1914 in London. Erskine studied architecture and urban planning in London. He liked the idea of architecture as a social tool, not just aesthetically pleasing buildings. When he was 25 years old, Erskine travelled via boat and bicycle to Sweden, where he met his future wife Ruth. The hotel was opened on 22 February 1955 and has since been managed by various owners. The current owners have been managing the hotel since 2013.

Thanks to Erskine’s unique design, our hotel has been named as one of Sweden’s 24 architectural landmarks. Visit and for more information.

When Erskine began planning the hotel’s design in 1945, he was inspired by the surroundings, in particular the shape of the mountains. He wanted the hotel’s silhouette to match the mountain vista behind it, and that the building itself should be considered a gigantic ‘terrain sculpture’. All the material for designing, building and decorating the hotel comes from the nearby surroundings. The hotel has been renovated and expanded since it opened, but quite a few of the original elements remain. The hotel’s current owners are working long-term to recreate the atmosphere that Ralph Erskine meant to convey.

In the hotel shop you can buy an essay by Kicki Djärv on Ralph Erskine, Borgafjäll Hotel and Avasjö Chapel.

Click the link below if you are curious to have a look around Borgafjäll in 1949.

 Hotell, BorgafjŠll,090202 DSC_0335